Special Mention,
Special Prizes

Today we are talking about BELLO.

We are talking about a special collaboration, about a digital project, about a new thing and about a result that makes us very proud.

With the development of filippobello we took the liberty to dare a bit. The idea of looking things from a different point of view was born, and also something cool where you can lay the hands on. 
The result? We like it.

And the great thing is that Codrops shared the same feelings, et voilà! In a short time it made an article inspired by us (and we really suggest you to deepen it!).

read here what CODROPS says about us

It's the synesthetic expression of something beautiful, enhanced by the unique, blowing musicality of Italian language.

What are your favorite aspects about working in design? It's not a repetitive and mechanical job. Designing and coding I can create beautiful things.

This is BELLO.
But it has become even more:

- DEVELOPER (Sep 25, 2016) awwwards
- SITE OF THE DAY(Sep 25, 2016) awwwards
- FWA OF THE DAY (Sep 16, 2016) fwa
- WEBSITE OF THE DAY (Sep 12, 2016) css design awards