Pedrotti SPA new brand website

Enea & Admir - CommArts Article

Brescia, Italy–based design studio Adoratorio and Munich, Germany–based multidisciplinary designer Admir Hadžic designed and developed a new website for Pedrotti, a Northern Italian automotive and mechanical company.

“The client’s main request was to develop a crystal clear design for its business-to-business users, that still enhanced the unique features of its products,” says Adoratorio co-founder and creative director Enea Rossi. “Our concept was based on a rigid scheme, inspired by the precision lines and fluids from Pedrotti’s moulds.”

Featuring a gridless, fluid design, the site balances perfectly between motion, visuals and performance to deliver an eye-popping experience to visitors. “To make the site truly fluid, we had to spend hours on just getting the right ratio done for photos and content in order to map it to the website gracefully,” says Rossi. “It was a challenge, but also a lot of fun.”

The dynamic site has definitely made an impact on visitors, receiving more than 25,000 visitors from its launch date, and Pedrotti has already received 300 product requests and quotes for work.


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