Meet the CSS Design
Awards Judge

The story of Alessia Fachin

Hi everyone! I'm Alessia and I'm a Web Designer & Front End Web Developer from Italy. I'm in love with minimal design, typography and CSS animations. Over the last 2 years, I've been working for Adoratorio Creative Collective, a communication agency based in Brescia, Italy where I've developed many interesting projects.

Can you remember who or what gave you the idea to begin a career in design? After three years of "Media Communication" at University, I read something about web design and coding... and it was love at first line!

What was the first website you were involved in designing and / or developing and how well did it go? It was a tiny website for a bed&breakfast in Aosta Valley (Italy), where I come from. I was really proud about my first creation. The result was very good in terms of personal experience and the relationship with a real client.

How would you describe your career thus far? Is it all going to plan or is there no plan? I had no idea my life would go this way, but it went much better than I could imagine!

What career advice would you give to yourself if you could send yourself a "temporal text" 5-10 years into the past? "Let it flow and everything will happen itself."

What are your favorite aspects about working in design? It's not a repetitive and mechanical job. Designing and coding I can create beautiful things.

If you could pick only one favorite project from your experience thus far, which would it be and why? Bar Cavour - it was really hard and at the same time challenging to work with a lot of videos, controlled on scroll or by user actions.

What would be your favorite trend in web design and development from the last 5 years? I'm in love with CSS only and SVG animations. Thanks CSS3! ;)

Are there any favorite trends you would like to see more of in 2016? Mmm I don't know, we'll see. Certainly I prefer less exorbitant effects and more attention to small details.


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